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You are not just another case.You are the reason we fight for your rights.

You are not just another case. You are the reason we fight for your rights.



Our Mission

You deserve the most effective legal representation possible. At Lugo Law, I take the time to understand you. I take the time to understand how the situation that brought you to me is affecting your life. That enables me to give you advice on finding the best outcome, for you and for your family.

Sometimes, that may be a negotiation with an automobile insurance company, with a medical provider or with a government agency such as Social Security. Often, it means I file a lawsuit to fight for your rights in court. A deep understanding of our clients, their needs and goals paired with rigorous investigation and preparation is how I successfully represent our neighbors in the community.

I am here to help. I am your personal attorney.

Help for You

When you come to Lugo Law, you will be treated with compassion and respect. You will meet with me, personally. I have faced situations like the one you’re facing. That’s what led me to become a lawyer, and to fight for what’s right. Over the past 25 years, I have gained deep experience working directly with medical providers, insurance companies and government agencies. I use that experience to advise you about the outcomes you can expect in your situation and to advocate for you.

Automobile Accidents

Accidents can be devastating and, while you may have injuries that are not easy to see, even a minor accident can cause lifelong health issues that may get worse over time. This is the reason that drivers are required to carry insurance: If they injure you or damage your property, their insurance company should pay to get you the medical care you need and to replace or repair your property. If you experience an auto accident, let me fight for your right to recover the damages you are due. LEARN MORE


Medical Malpractice

My interest in medical malpractice was sparked by an incident involving my infant son. I researched his condition, educated myself on what happened and realized how he should have been treated. I found out that medical providers don’t always share information that you should know, and that patients do not always receive the best care possible. You have the right to be treated professionally and with the highest standard of medical care. Now you have someone to fight for you when you did not receive it. LEARN MORE


Nursing Home Neglect

When our loved ones enter a rehabilitation center, assisted living facility, or nursing home, we believe and trust that they will receive the best possible care from staff and physicians. Unfortunately, these facilities are often understaffed and instead our loved one may be neglected resulting in severe health problems such as falls with fractures, pressure ulcers, or urinary tract infections. LEARN MORE

Mediation & Arbitration

Ms. Lugo is a Certified Circuit Court Mediator and a Certified Arbitrator in the State of Florida. As a mediator, she relies on her twenty-five years of experience representing Plaintiffs and Defendants in negligence actions, business litigation, and contractual disputes.  She understands the perspective of each party and works to resolve disputes with tenacity, respect, and patience.

“It is important to me, that the parties have agency and participate meaningfully in the decision-making process as they resolve their case.”

As an arbitrator, Ms. Lugo has sat on three-person arbitration panels and as the sole arbitrator in multiple cases.  As is her custom, she takes time to pay close attention the evidence presented by both sides and to thoroughly read all materials submitted to arrive at a fair decision in the case. LEARN MORE

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