Mediation & Arbitration

Ms. Lugo is a Certified Circuit Court Mediator and a Certified Arbitrator in the State of Florida. As a mediator, she relies on her twenty-five years of experience representing Plaintiffs and Defendants in negligence actions, business litigation, and contractual disputes.  She understands the perspective of each party and works to resolve disputes with tenacity, respect, and patience.

“It is important to me, that the parties have agency and participate meaningfully in the decision-making process as they resolve their case.”

As an arbitrator, Ms. Lugo has sat on three-person arbitration panels and as the sole arbitrator in multiple cases.  As is her custom, she takes time to pay close attention the evidence presented by both sides and to thoroughly read all materials submitted to arrive at a fair decision in the case.


Mediation time will be computed to the nearest half hour and charged at the rate of $225 per party per hour with two parties:  $180 per party per hour with three parties; $160 per party per hour with four parties; $150 per party per hour for five or more parties. Additional billing policies are set forth in the Mediation Confirmation and Fee Agreement delivered to the parties upon scheduling a mediation. There is a minimum two-hour (2.0 hour) charge for half-day mediations and a minimum charge of five (5.0) hours for a full-day mediation.   Unless otherwise agreed to by the parties, the participating parties are responsible for dividing the mediation fees equally. 


To schedule a mediation, email: [email protected]


There is NO charge for travel time within the State of Florida.  However, if airline travel or an overnight stay is necessary, then airfare, rental car, lodging and food will be billed at the actual cost incurred.


Mediations should be cancelled or rescheduled in writing, either by email or by fax, at least five (5) calendar days in advance of the Mediation date to avoid cancellation fees. Cancellation fees will be billed equally to the parties unless the parties agree in writing otherwise.   Additional cancellation policies are set forth in the Mediation Confirmation and Fee Agreement delivered to the parties upon scheduling a mediation.


Ms. Lugo charges $350 per hour for arbitration.  Additional billing policies are set forth in the Arbitration Confirmation and Fee Agreement delivered to the parties upon scheduling an arbitration. To schedule an arbitration, please email [email protected] 



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